Meet Your Consultants

Cristina and Tara decided to open a consulting agency to share services and engage in developing relations within their community to provide a higher standard of care for aging and disabled populations. Their dream is to share knowledge through community education and services.
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Cristina Kille

Cristina Kille, LAICSW MSW

Credential Number SC60929126
Cristina graduated Eastern Washington University with degrees in Women’s and Gender Studies and Social Work. She completed Master programs at Portland State University. Cristina graduated Suma Cum Laude and participated in community outreach programs while attending college. She completed minors in Afriacana Studies, Sociology, and History. This gives her insight into diverse populations and an understanding of complex systems. She has expert knowledge of community resources and successful relationships with local healthcare agencies, housing programs, hospice, DSHS and Aging and Disabilities. Cristina has over 20 years of experience in the local community assisting clients living life to their highest potential despite declining health or changing circumstances.
Tara Kleinschmidt

Tara Kleinschmidt, LAICSW MSW

Credential Number SC60929123

Tara received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of South Carolina where she graduated Cum Laude with an emphasis in PTSD and Micro services. She dedicates her professional life to advocacy and providing a support system for vulnerable populations in her community. Tara served eight years as Family Director for a non-profit in Columbia, South Carolina working with hundreds of individuals and families to move from despair and dependence to hope and self-sufficiency. Her passion for social work drives her to continue to grow her knowledge base of resources. Her motto is “forever a student.” Tara is passionate about advocating for underserved populations and is determined to empower her clients through self-determination. In her free time, Tara enjoys working on her home, camping, hiking, and road trips all over the northwest with family and her four dogs.