Heritage NW Consulting carries 7 state contracts offering support services through Medicaid and Medicare and we offer private pay services to the general population of Clark and Cowlitz County. Heritage NW Consulting is a Behavioral Health agency with Department of Health.

Professional Support Services:

Challenging Behavior Consultation and Technical Assistance, Transitional Behavioral Health, Dietitian/Nutritionist, Communication Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Substance Abuse Consultation, Hoarding Support

Challenging Behavior Consultation and Technical Assistance includes training, education, and consulting services which benefit individuals with traumatic brain injury as well as those with a diagnosis of mental illness.  It targets direct interventions to decrease aggressive, destructive, sexually inappropriate, or other behaviors that compromise a participant’s ability to remain in the community. Services may be provided to the participant and/or to caregivers.  Other Professional Support Services cover a range of services for participants whose needs include therapeutic services not otherwise covered by Medicaid.  It covers supports and services that are typically performed or provided by people with specialized skill, certification or licenses.


  • Are provided only as authorized in the participant’s Service Plan
  • May include training, behavior support plans, and specialized cognitive counseling
  • May be provided in the institutional setting, home, or other qualified community setting
  • May also be provided in common community settings that the person needs to navigate (i.e., stores, offices, parks etc.)
  • May be provided only in those instances where the Medicaid benefit has been exhausted or denied, or where the authorized level of services does not meet the participant’s transition needs

Mobile Notary

We have two mobile notaries that will travel to Clark and Cowlitz counties. Please call for your hospital, care center signings, hospice, notary certificates, and oath notarization needs. After hours appointments available.

Mobile fees

$50 8am-5pm Extra fee may apply for long distances
$60 6pm-8pm
$75 8pm-11pm
Negotiable from 11pm-8am

Fees to be included

Notarization $10 per document
Additional $25 per witness
Doctors appointment additional $10 fee
Swearing in for the court by phone additional $25 to the total package