Hoarding Services - Clutter Reduction with Behavior Management

Hoarding Disorder Symptoms

Symptoms of hoarding can range from mild to severe. In general, someone experiencing hoarding disorder accumulates and saves large volumes of possessions, regardless of their value. They may experience extreme attachment to inanimate objects and severe anxiety when making decisions. These items pile up to the point that they create difficulty using the space for its intended purpose. Occasionally, some of these symptoms can be explained by other disorders such as decreased energy to clean caused by depression or symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. These behaviors can interfere with the stability of their home, caregiving needs and family involvement.

Hoarding Disorder Solutions

Heritage NW Consulting has a team of Professional, Licensed Clinical Social workers, Hoarding Specialists, Community Choice Guides and Client trainers, that work together to identify the client’s needs, creating goals to stabilize the client by providing therapy to process the behavior, training to learn new skills and understand old behaviors and support to downsize and de-clutter the space the client lives in. These supports are necessary and take time to build trust to ensure the client feels empowered by the process and not forced. Heritage NW Consulting works closely with the client’s collateral supports to ensure the client is able to maintain the progress made through the clean out.